Baking – How to Ship a Cake Pop

Hey All,

So I recently baked cake pops (see the post here) and wanted to send a couple to my boyfriend who’s currently in Florida (I’m across the country in California). Given that it’s the dead of summer and I’ve never made cake pops let alone mail ’em, I decided to head to the interwebs, where I unsuccessfully found just ONE site explaining how to properly ship cake pops on your own. Needless to say, I took matters into my own hands and successfully delivered them to his doorstop!


(just a picture of cake pops I made with a friend pre-blog)


DISCLAIMER: I don’t know if this will work exactly for you, I’m just sharing what worked for me!!

  1. Freeze your cake pop at least overnight (can include chocolate melt covering, or you can do that day of- I covered it day of)
  2. Wrap cake pop in wax paper. I decorated mine with a ribbon to make it look like more of a present
  3. Stick wax paper-covered cake pop AND a frozen gel ice pack into a ziplock bag
  4. Do overnight shipping with USPS for Express Next-Day delivery
  5. Next Day: Hear from your recipient how delicious your gift was!!

I shipped out two along with a card in a Small Flat-Rate box at the post office, but the entire process ended up costing me $33USD because I think I inadvertently signed up for not only next day, but also insurance on in case the package didn’t get delivered PLUS the next day was guaranteed delivery by noon. Also I don’t know if the whole California -> Florida delivery thing is more expensive for next-day shipping.

Hope this helps anyone who was as confused as I was!